Victoria Aguirre

Horses are in my blood and have been in my family’s heritage for generations. Growing up in Argentina’s La Pampa, a place named for its fertile earth, is where my passion for these animals was ignited and my Dialogue with Horses first began. 

When I was born, I was given a female foal as a present. We were raised together and she became one of my closest friends throughout my childhood and adolescent years. I still remember the connection I felt to her – and looking back at photos now, those feelings come flooding back.  

Many years later, my photography teacher told me that the best photographs we can possibly take are in our own backyard; that we should look deep inside ourselves for that special connection and express it through the camera. I will forever be grateful for this piece of advice. Each horse that I photograph shares my homeland, La Pampa. I visit and revisit them over and over again before I photograph them; our relationship is never a one-off encounter. In these dialogues spoken through the camera’s lens, I have learned that you can look at a horse and just see a horse – or you can look deeper and find emotions, character, relationships, and an understanding that every animal has its own spirit and purpose in life. 

“For those who look without seeing, land is land and nothing else.” Atahualpa Yupanqui


Victoria Aguirre is a professional photographer and Co-Founder of the homewares label, Pampa. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Victoria’s family owns a beautiful farm in an area of Argentina called La Pampa, which gave her the great fortune of being brought up in both city and country environments. She always knew her creative path was connected to nature. Horses being one of her greatest passions in life led her to begin practicing photography in 2005. What started as a few photographs of her family’s horses soon became her obsession – and now her profession. Since those early days, she has been developing a photography series named after the creatures that inhabit her homeland, Pampa Horses. These images represent her vision of home, genuine beauty, nostalgia for affections, freedom, peaceful solitude, and the spirit of nature. 

Victoria holds a degree in advertising/media and has undertaken studies in photography in Buenos Aires and at the International Center of Photography, New York City. Victoria has a background in freelance photojournalism, but it wasn’t until she moved to Australia in 2011 and launched Pampa that she started pursuing fine-art photography and receiving recognition for her work.  


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